Community Planning

  1. Address Request (PDF)
  2. Appeal Application (PDF)
  3. Application Groundwater Damage Protection Alternate Compliance Method (PDF)
  4. Application to Planning Commission - Interested Person (PDF)
  5. Application to Planning Commission - Telephonic Testimony (PDF)
  6. Application to Planning Commission - Written Testimony Affidavit (PDF)
  7. Application-Amnesty Relief(PDF)
  8. Application_AmnestyRelief
  9. Commercial-Industrial Signage Application (PDF)
  10. Communications Tower Collocation-Modification Permit Application (PDF)
  11. Complaint Form (PDF)
  12. Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
  13. Conditional Use Permit Application - Marijuana (PDF)
  14. Conditional Use Permit Application - Telcom (PDF)
  15. Construction in Right-of-Way Application (PDF)
  16. De Minimis Determination Application (PDF)
  17. Driveway Permit Application (PDF)
  18. Flood Elevation Certificate (EC) Form (PDF)
  19. Floodplain Application-Accessory Structure Permit (PDF)
  20. Floodplain Application-Certificate of Compliance (PDF)
  21. Floodplain Application-Flood Determination/CAF Request (PDF)
  22. Floodplain Application-Floodplain Variance (PDF)
  23. Floodplain Application-Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) (PDF)
  24. Floodplain Application-Non-Residential Structure Permit (PDF)
  25. Floodplain Application-Non-Structural Development Permit (PDF)
  26. Floodplain Application-Regulatory Floodway (RF)/Flood Zone AE No RF Permit (PDF)
  27. Floodplain Application-Residential Structure Permit (PDF)
  28. Floodplain Application-Split Flood Zone Permit, Development in Flood Zone X (PDF)
  29. Floodplain Permit Appendices (PDF)
  30. Floodplain Permit Site Plan Checklist (PDF)
  31. Floodplain Permit Variance Checklist (PDF)
  32. Grandfather Rights Application-Lot Size(PDF)
  33. Grandfather Rights Application-Lot Size
  34. Grandfather Rights Application-Structure Setback(PDF)
  35. Grandfather Rights Application-Use(PDF)
  36. Grandfather Rights Application-Use
  37. Mobile Home Park Permit Application (PDF)
  38. Planning and Zoning - Owner Authorization (PDF)
  39. Plat Vacation Application (PDF)
  40. Platting Board Interested Person (PDF)
  41. Platting Board Telephonic Testimony (PDF)
  42. Platting Board Written Testimony Affidavit (PDF)
  43. Private Road Naming Application (PDF)
  44. Rezone Application (PDF)
  45. Road Naming Application (PDF)
  46. Secured Interest Party Authorization (PDF)
  47. Subdivision - Final Plat Application (PDF)
  48. Subdivision - Plat Modification Application (PDF)
  49. Subdivision - Road Construction Exemption Application (PDF)
  50. Subdivision - Section Line Easement Research (PDF)
  51. Subdivision - Title 17 Variance Request Application (PDF)
  52. Subdivisions - Preliminary Plat Application (PDF)
  53. Subdivisions - Quick Plat Application (PDF)
  54. Title 18 Setback Variance Application (PDF)
  55. Title 18 Variance Application - Highway (PDF)
  56. Title 18 Variance Application (PDF)
  57. Residential Zoning Permit (PDF)
  58. Zoning Permit Application - Commercial, Industrial, or Multi-Family Uses (PDF)
  59. Zoning Permit Application - Marijuana (PDF)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Metropolitan Area Commuter System (MACS)