Streaming Audio of Assembly Meetings

Listen to Our Live Webcast

Click the graphic button above to start the live audio stream of regular and special Assembly meetings, Finance Committee meetings, and Committee of the Whole work sessions. Additionally, various commission meetings also are live-streamed. The link will open a new browser tab, and the audio will begin playing automatically if a meeting is in progress.

Listen on the Radio

KUAC broadcasts all regular Assembly meetings on 89.9 FM beginning at 7 p.m.

Webcast Troubleshooting

Supported Devices

FNSB streaming does work with Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, MPC-HC Media Player and any other media player that supports .m3u playback.

FNSB streaming does not work with Groove Music Player, which is the default application in Windows 10. Groove Music does not support .m3u playback.

For other computers or personal electronic devices such as smart phones or tablets, change the media player in the Default Apps settings to an .m3u-compatible player. Refer to the manufacturer's help for assistance.

Changing Your Default Media Player Settings in Windows 10

1) Click on Settings from the Start menuSettings Button

2) Click on AppsApps Button

3) Click on Default AppsDefault Apps Button

4) Click on App listed under Music player (last default setting was Groove Music) Groove Music Icon

5) Change to Windows Media Player to be able to listen to Live Streaming through FNSB PortalChoose an App Button