LAND sales

It is the intent and goal of the Division of Land Management to offer for sale all patented, unretained, and general grant lands to the general public. The most common types of borough land sales are: Auction, Over the Counter (OTC), Direct Sales, Tax Foreclosure

The FNSB Assembly authorizes the sale of all borough owned lands by ordinance. Once approved by the Assembly the land can then be offered by competitive public sale through a Sealed Bid Auction or Lottery. 

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Parcels that remain unsold through the Competitive Land Sale will be made available through future Over-the-Counter Land Sales. These parcels are offered on a first-come first-served basis for the minimum purchase price listed in the auction.

The Direct Land Sale option is also available to persons who hold an existing interest in a parcel, such as someone who has been leasing, holds a mining claim, or who owns land with a common border to that parcel. Direct Sales may become competitive if more than one persons hold direct interest in the land. 

If a member of the public would like to nominate a parcel of borough land to be made available in a land sale, they can fill out a Nomination of Borough Land form and submit it to the Division of Land Management for consideration.